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as everyone is most likely aware a group named criticts united has been behind the recent deletions in stories

now im a diplomatic kind of man so i tried a direct approach, i went to the leader of criticts united in the hopes that we could reach some sort of agreement. this is exactly how it went (i wont be revealing the leaders name because its A) rude and B) you can easily find out yourself

ME:hi just curoius as to what CU are attempting to do on fanfiction? i ask this as an honest question as i am not getting the full picture from whats posted :S

CU LEADER:Thank you for asking a question that hasn't been asked a billion times already =). Well it isn't about accomplishment since peopl will continue to update rule breaking fics because they don't know the rules or they don't care. We just got tired of wading through pages of rule breakers to find a legitimate story. We do try to help the authors because the admins will delete stories without warning the author they are in violation.

ME:i see but havent your members been doing the same thing? i mean i know most of them might be doing just what your saying but i have seen some who mindlessly flame and they dont offer any constructive critisism

its most likely them who are giving your group a bad name

CU LEADER:Is that so? Well show me examples, and I don't mean that screen shot that's been floating around because it was over a month ago and the two reviewers don't review with cursing anymore.

Doing the same as what exactly? Honestly we don't care what people think of us. That's not going to stop us from what we're doing.

ME:an admirable cause and way to look at it all i am working on here is the word of others and yes i know its heresay but instead of trying to be a douche about it i figure you must be a reasonable person so i asked myself "if i was in there shoes what would i listen too, someone who midlessly attacks them or someone who will listen to their point of view"

and thats what i am here to do i want you to try and convince me that what you are doing is right because i am willing to listen and understand.

and i say 'the same thing' because if i have this correct (and correct me if i am wrong here) but authors are getting stories taken down because you have a group of people who will report the story therefore bringing it down. and i do say correct me if i am wrong

CU LEADER:Not to be rude, but it's not my job to convince you. You either will agree with what we're doing or you won't. That simple.

I think you should read the FAQ in the forum and if you have any further questions after that, I'll answer them.

ME:actually it kind of is your responsibility as leader of the Criticts United to convice me because if you cant then well this is going to go nowhere and i really dont want that because i want us to reach a mutual understanding of each others points of view
Yesterday 8:00PM
and you will find some of the reviews here

im not sure if you were simply un aware or not but i ask that you please ask your members to take caution because this is cyber bulliying and its illegal to bully in any sense or term
Yesterday 8:15PM
: //loki- dokey. tumblr. com/ post/ 24436527651

CU LEADER:Um I'm not wasting my time trying to convince you that Criics United is good when you already don't listen. I said not the screen shots since they are old and the reviewers don't review like that anymore. That's only half the story. That author replied with death threats to one of our sweetest reviewers so no we aren't going to be nice but no one is saying anything about that author threatening my member now are they. Since you won't go read the FAQ we don't have anything to talk about. I'm not going to repeat everything that's already here. There is no seeing each other's point of view since you are late in the entire situation and haven't brought any points to the table.

I probably will not respond to your next message. Have a nice day.

ME:im sorry but i have read your FAQ and if the author made death threats then i would like to see them because i dont think your listening either i am here to try and understand and your not helping me understand here.

if you dont respond thats fine but i was hoping we could reach some sort of agreement or for you to at least have a listen to my ideas but if your going to ignore me

then i hope you have a nice day as well


i have tried to be nice and i am trying to reach an agreement hopefully so that CU can be happy as well as the rest of fanfiction

if you have ANY evidence for OR against CU please tell me


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